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Soap & Candle Making Soluble Fragrance Oils

Soap & Candle Making Soluble Fragrance Oils

When making your own soaps and candles it is important to use fragrances that are specifically designed to blend well in that medium. Standard fragrance oils are often not suitable for candles and soaps as they will either discolor the recipe or "fall" out of the mixture, creating an uneven scent. This range of Auroma brand soluble Fragrances from The Aromatherapy Place has been specifically designed for use in making soaps and candles

Given the subjectivity of describing scents, you will find our scent "Descriptions" very brief and to the point. Some scents are self-explanatory, such as Apple, Strawberry, Vanilla and Tropical Coconut, others simply have to be experienced, such as Japanese Dragon.

There are currently no Soap & Candle Making Soluble Fragrance Oils products available. Please check back soon for new additions to this category.