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Aromatherapy Workbook
Aromatherapy Workbook

by Marcel Lavabre

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Aromatherapy Workbook

Marcel Lavabre's practical guide to the use of essential oils covers the history, folklore, science, and art of aromatherapy, providing the most comprehensive treatment of the subject available today. It features more than 70 essential oils classified by botanical family, with detailed discussions of their specific actions and unique insights into their energetic and spiritual properties.

Lavabre explores the origins and applications of this ancient healing art in classical civilizations, tracing the medical, alchemical, and sprirtitual developement of aromatherapy up to the present

The mysteries of the olfactory system are explained, along with the powerful influence of scent on our mental state, emotions and sexuality. The various methods of of extractions are discussed in detail, and a special section is devoted to the art of blending.

Aromatherapy uses for Aromatherapy Workbook

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  • For for beautifying, cleansing and healing the body
  • For use in massage, aromatic baths, ritual, and spiritual practice