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Aromatherapy Recipes
Sniff Strips, Essential Oils
Sniff Strips, Essential Oils
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Sniff Strips, Essential Oils

Every Day Aromatherapy requires the right equipment and tools to make the most of your Essential Oil creations.

Our Testing Strips give you an effective, inexpensive method of testing the scent of your essential oils and essential oil blends during the blending process. Simply dip the paddle into your creation, wave it a bit in the air, and sniff. This will allow you to make the required adustments to your blend as you proceed.

Lindy, the Family Member who is responsible for creating our Recipes, will often create a blend, dip the testing strip into the completed blend, place the strip in a plastic bag, drop the sealed bag into her purse to run the scent by her sister our colleague at a later date. Paddle style testing strips.

Suggested items for use with Sniff Strips, Essential Oils