Where You Can Find Molds For Candle Making, The Are Lots Of Possibilities For Imaginative Ideas

Posted on Monday 23 November 2009

If you want to make candles, you will need molds. Finding molds for candle making is not difficult but it can take a little thought and planning. You need to think what kind of mold you want and what shape of candles you want to make.

Remember that all a candle amounts to is wax that has cooled around a thread or wick. This wick travels up the middle of the candle and draws the melted wax up to the flame in order to fuel it. In order to properly set the wick inside the candle, you need a way to set the wick and prevent it from moving as the wax cools and solidifies. This is one thing that you should look for in a candle making mold whether it is store bought or home made.

The two main things that you need to consider when you are making a mold is how easy it will be for the candle to be removed from the mold and how difficult will it be to suspend the wick in the center of the candle. For the candle to burn easily, the wick needs to hang straight up and down and it must be close to the center of the candle. Multiple wicks should be evenly spaced around the candle.

You can get special wax molds or you can choose a much less expensive option. If you are not looking for a specific shape, you may want to consider simply using household objects as candle molds. There is a wide variety of different shaped containers and vessels that will make good candle molds. They include juice tins and cartons and biscuit dough tubes. All of these items are all made of cardboard so they can be torn down and away from the candle itself. They are heat proof and because they are designed to hold liquids or things that will leak, they are less likely to let the hot wax ooze out.

More permanent containers such as resealing food containers will also work for candle making molds. You need to keep them separate and only use them for candle making after they have been used and you may find that very flimsy ones can warp when the hot wax is poured in them. Glass jars such as mason jars or pickle jars can make fun and funky candle molds and the candles can be burned in them as well.

If you like the idea of making candles you should know that finding molds is easy. Deciding the colors of candles you are making and what you want to make them out of is a whole other story.

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