Tamanu: An Aromatherapy Carrier Oil With Impressive Beauty Care Actions

Posted on Monday 24 October 2011

There’s a “new” oil becoming popular for skin care, and for all the right reasons. It might not even have celebrity endorsement, but it’s worthy of it. Pressed from the nuts of trees growing on islands in the middle of the ocean, the oil is called Tamanu (it goes by many other names actually, but this is the most popular in the States. Tamanu is unique in many ways. Natives of the islands have used the oil for skin care themselves for ages, and now the rest of the world is getting the idea!

It certainly appears to be the ideal base oil for creating blends to to limit the appearance of skin aging. The most recent research notes it particularly as a wound healing agent, rapidly healing cuts from surgical procedures. And from this we can consider that Tamanu can affect much more than just help your skin knit back together quickly. Some companies are promoting it as a tool to prevent scar creation and increase the rate of healing, though this is just a fraction of its many uses.

A group of researchers not long ago reviewed all the data, and concluded this oil is definitely worth using for wound repair When applied simulates an improvement in the rate of production of new skin cells, which of course reduces the time for a wound to heal. This medicinal effect is the foundation of the world’s most desired aging prevention, wrinkle reduction skin care products for beauty.

A study done seeking a gentle UV light ray screening agent found that the oil was very effective for the application. One can hardly imagine a better combination of properties for skin care.

On top of all that, it’s been discovered that the oil also inhibits the growth of skin cancer tumors. Plus it has a host of other properties that make it useful for healing of all sorts of skin conditions: it is also antimicrobial (a good base oil for acne formulas) and antiviral as well (supporting the healing of herpes outbreaks.

Interestingly enough, it’s different from other carrier oils in other ways as well: it’s color is can range from moderately brown to deep green, and has an aroma unlike any other base oil as well.

An example recipe may be made of a base of equal parts Tamanu, Rosehip and Argan oils. Add to this, an age-preventative essential oils that assist with skin rejuvenation and you’ll have as good a natural skin care blend as any on the market today. When you formulate your own skin care product, take Tamanu into consideration. It’s obvious that it certainly may do all that you’d ever wanted in a beauty care recipe.

Essential oils give you a broad array of therapeutic benefits. Uncover further information regarding oils such as birch essential oil and valerian oil.

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