Skin Problems Solved With Organic Essential Oils

Posted on Sunday 16 May 2010

Through out history organic essential oils have been used for plenty of physical ailments. One of those ailments are skin irritations. Here are some organic essential oils that have been used for hundreds of years to medically help patients with skin problems.

Mastic Oil: Mastic oil is known to help with acne and eczema skin irritations. Mastic oil comes from the resin of an evergreen shrub. It helps against skin conditions or wounds.

Camomille Oil: Camomille oil is used for a variety of skin ailments. It can be used for dry, itchy skin irritations or allergic reactions. It can also help with dermatitis, eczema, rashes, and redness.

Benzoin Oil: Benzoin oil works well to treat dermatitis and cracked skin. Benzoin oil mixes well with other organic essential oils, such as jojoba and sandalwood oil. Use it for cracked or dry skin.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is great for many different types of skin problems. Some things that it has been known to help are oily skin, burns, wounds, lice, stings, acne, abscesses, boils, sunburns, psoriasis, and insect bites. It also can be applied to the skin to work as an insect repellent and to heal cuts.

Tea Tree Oil – one of the most popular essential oil choices to aid people with skin irritations. Tea Tree oil is often used against scrapes and minor cuts. It is also handy as a remedy against other skin irritations like athlete’s foot, burns, chapped lips and acne.

Manuka Oil: This oil is known to help itchy and irritated skin. Manuka oil is often used for chafing and rashes, like athlete’s foot. It is also used for body odor, oily skin and acne.

These oils are just a small sample of the essential oils that can be used to relieve skin irritations. Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years throughout history, and continues to be a popular choice today. Essential oils is a healthy, natural way to correct skin problems and irritations.

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