Nature’s Best Pain Reliever

Posted on Wednesday 12 May 2010

Yes, it’s true: Helichrysum essential oil (also commonly referred to as ‘Everlasting’ and ‘Immortelle’) provides fast-acting, effective pain relief for a great many physical ailments. Aromatherapy companies are, by law, prevented from advertising this fact directly along with their products, but it’s true. Many, many individuals are regularly using this very healing oil to both reduce pain and, depending on the injury or ailment, to actually speed healing. As noted by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, America?s leading medical aromatherapist, the effects of this oil are “so convincing that it has never met with any kind of criticism.” So what’s special about this oil, where do you get it and how do you use it?

Helichrysum is a totally unique pain reliever and wound healer — not only just in the world of aromatherapy, but in the big picture of the entire world of medicine. It rates exceptionally highly in the two most important criteria, safety and efficacy. In terms of safety, it is sometimes prescribed for direct application to the skin at 100% strength (unlike some other pain relieving oils such as Wintergreen). Very conservative therapists do not recommend the oil to be used during pregnancy or by children under 12. It would be a shame however to discard the use of the oil for young children with injuries — like any essential oil, it should be used with respect as a medicine, only using as much as needed to produce the desired healing effect. The classic and important aromatherapy text ‘Essential Oil Safety’, lists it as non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.

In terms of efficacy, a great many trained natural therapists have found the oil to be the most profoundly pain relieving of any topical medicine available today. Back ache? Joint pain? Sports injury? Pain due to surgery or other trauma? All these ailments and more can be treated effectively with a preparation of the essential oil in the vegetable or nut oil of your choice. Users call it a ‘magic oil’, and claim the pain relief is ‘amazing’. Apricot Kernel oil is commonly used, as it has anti-inflammation properties itself; Rosehip seed and Tamanu oils are used when treating skin damage; Jojoba is a wonderful all-purpose stand-by, good for any application.

The most popular preparation of the oil is a dilution of anywhere from 5% to 20% depending on your required strength. Because of the relative cost of the oil, it is useful for many folks to find the lowest dilution that will work for them. One must be aware that a lower dilution may be most effective for their needs, and not think that ‘more is better’. The most dramatic long-term healing will be from consistent, long-term application until the condition is relieved (rather than a large application all at once). The oil is sometimes called for in its undiluted, full-strength form however. When an injury has just occurred, and the initial bruising and tissue damage can be reduced by direct ‘neat’ application. If one had been playing soccer for example, and just received a significant blow to a shin, a few drops of the pure oil rubbed into the area several times over the next 12 hours can make a significant difference in healing time. A 10% concentration is 65 drops essential oil PER OUNCE of carrier oil — using this information, you can figure higher or lower concentrations to suit your needs.

Beyond simple pain relief, Helichrysum is known to actually speed the healing of injuries through its antioxidant, anti-inflammation and regenerative actions. This is helpful for not only ‘common’ bumps and bruises, but for surgical sutures and burns as well. Further, the oil is found in 3-5 percent concentrations in skin care recipes to reduce the appearance of skin aging, and to reduce and eliminate scars of all kinds.

The most potently-healing Helichrysum is considered to be the ‘serotinum’ sub-species grown on the island of Corsica, France, known as Helichrysum italicum ‘serotinum’. It is often distilled from wild growing plants, which can be the strongest healers due to their synergistic relationship with their natural environment. Everlasting also distilled from flowers grown around Europe; one may try more than one source to find the oil that works best for them.

Helichrysum essential oil is one of nature’s most profound healers. It works for a great many symptoms of pain, safely and effectively. It is simple to use and readily available through internet sources (it is, as of yet, difficult to find in local health food stores, though this may be changing soon). Whatever your needs for this type of therapy, Helichrysum essential oil is worth investigating.

The author, manager of The Ananda Apothecary, regularly employs pure essential oils and flower essences in her professional wellness practice.

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