Natural Alternatives To Prescription Drugs

Posted on Sunday 22 August 2010

There are a number of reasons why you should consider using natural alternatives to prescription drugs. One of them is that drugs can cause a negative side effect to your child. You may be causing more damage to your child instead of helping them.

Essential oils are a good alternative because they have a tremendous track record. They have been researched over and over again, and have been proven to be safer on the body, and gentler than the leading prescriptions. There is also the issue of not having the bad side effects that prescription drugs do. Here are a few examples of natural alternatives you can use to prescription drugs:

Amoxicillin is the most popular drug prescribed to children. It can help with infections such as fever, earaches, and colds. An alternative to Amoxicillin is lemon, peppermint, or frankincense.

Singulair: When your child has issues with allergies, Singulair is often prescribed. It helps treat sneezing and allergy symptoms, but it also can possibly lead to headaches, dizziness, and nausea as side effects. Use lavender instead to fight off allergy symptoms.

Albuterol Nebulizing Solution is used with children who are suffering from asthma. AN Solution can cause severe issues if your child has an allergic reaction to it, which can lead to tremors, swelling and dizziness. Frankincense is a much safer alternative, and can be diffused, or applied to the feet and chest to help with asthma or lung problems.

Even something as simple as poison ivy can be treated by natural means. Your doctor may prescribe prednisolone sodium phosphate to treat poison ivy, but again it has a lot of possible side effects to the medicine. A much safer route is to use lavender or frankincense.

When you use these alternatives you it is very important to use them correctly. Just like any prescription, you have to have the right dosage. Some essential oils are safe to use with children, while others are not. Be sure to always check with a professional before ever starting your natural treatment.

There are different ways you can apply these natural essential oils. Some can be put in a glass of water; others can be applied to the chest or throat, or put in a diffuser. Talk to your doctor or aromatherapist for specific directions and instructions.

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