Market Update for Everyday Aromatherapy Customers (Oct 2008)

Posted on Thursday 23 October 2008

Citrus Oils

Many of the crops around the world have been dramatically affected by unusual weather conditions. There has been crop failure and poor yields as a result of this. Lemon and Bergamot have been the most seriously affected with both price and availability being affected. There is one citrus oil where the situation has recently improved, and that is Grapefruit oil, where the crops have been restored, and the prices and availability have recovered.

Moroccan Oils

It has been reported that the yields are very low on the Moroccan oils this year. We are waiting for confirmation of pricing and availability to see the full impact.

Spice Oils

These have risen quite dramatically in price, and availability is becoming difficult. The majority of the seeds, nuts, etc required to distill these oils are being used for food leaving limited resources for making the oils. This is coupled with the problems relating to the weather, with crops producing lower yields than usual.

Vegetable Oils

Many key vegetable oils have been affected by the food shortages around the globe with several countries banning the export of vegetable oils and seed for food application. We have also seen an increase in demand on the organic vegetable products as people move into this area as a preferred option. We do not foresee an easing in this situation in the near future.

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