Posted on Monday 24 March 2008

Auroma offer a wide variety of Lavender oils, to suit a variety of applications. Below you will find a summary of the different oils offered, and the applications they best suit. LAVENDER FRENCH POPULATIONLavender oil Population, this is also known as Lavender oil fine or true Lavender. This is grown at high altitude on land purposely cultivated for Lavender.  The population refers to the fact that this is a non selected non varietal plant grown from seed.   The aim is that the complete population of the species is represented, each different variety grows together in the one field.  This means that the oil represents the true plant, each variation is included, all of the various trace components are present.The yield of oil is low by this method but the quality the highest. LAVENDER ORGANICLavender organic is Lavender Population that has been certified as organic. The availability is less but the odour quality is similar to the population. Both of these oils are suitable for all applications from high Aromatherapy to cosmetics and even flavour use.  The higher price may restrict application to premium products. The species is pure 100% Lavandula angustifolia which is the modern botanical name for older names such as L.vera or L. officinalis.  These names are no longer valid and if used may be marketing names for oils of dubious origins. LAVENDER FRENCH ALPINELavender French Alpine is also grown in the highest regions of the French Alps and is true Lavandula angustifolia.  This oil is distilled from plants that have been selected by farmers to give the best quality at the highest yields.  As the yields are better, the price is a little lower than the population type but still this is true 100% species pure and can be used in all applications including aromatherapy. This oil forms the basis of 38/40 or 40/42 or even 50/52 Lavenders as it has the highest levels of linalyl acetate the percentages referring to the ester value after acetylation. LAVENDER BULGARIAN

Even though France is thought to be the home of Lavender very good quality true Lavandula angustifolia has been produced in Bulgaria for many decades.  This oil is similar to the French Alpine in that it is also very high on esters such as linalyl acetate and is suitable for all applications from Aromatherapy down.

LAVENDER BPThere are two types of Lavender oil BP as the requirement of the BP has changed over the last decade. The BP is the British Pharmacopoea which provides the standards for all medicinal substances.  Each major country has its own Pharmacopoea and the BP now is being run concurrently with the European Pharmacopoea.   The BP monograph in general use for Lavender until 1999 was the BP1980.  In the BP80 the standard for Lavender included both English and French types.  As determined by this monograph these are the species Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula intermedia, so that either or both oils would meet the requirements.  The English oil is higher in camphor than the French.   Australian laws require low levels of camphor so that our Lavender BP80 has low levels despite no minimum required by the BP. This oil is suitable for general rather than high aromatherapy applications.  It can be used in essential oil blends or synergies, essential oil perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries.  This oil is 100% genuine Lavender and natural, meeting the species requirements as well as the tests required in the monograph.  Most other BP oils in the market place meet the tests and may contain added components. Lavender BP99 meets the new BP requirements of being only 100% Lavandula angustifolia and meets all TGA requirements whether specified or implied. We keep the BP dates so that there is no misunderstanding as to the quality.  To meet the tests different batches of true oil may be combined and no country of origin is necessarily specified.  Lavender BP99 is suitable for all applications including sale in Australia to the retail market as “Lavender oil” for medicinal use. LAVENDER FRENCH 38/40Lavender French 38/40 is a standard oil that is sold in larger volumes into perfumery and cosmetic applications. The 38/40 refers to the total esters after acetylation as linalyl acetate.  With GC techniques now very common, many suppliers boost this oil with linalyl acetate so that it achieves greater than 38% linalyl acetate by GC.  We do not do this. Our oil is 100% natural and 100% Lavender. We are able to meet the requirements by using selected batches with the desirable component levels.  The Lavender French 38/40 oil is more consistent from batch to batch than the Population or Alpine types which are vintage and so may vary from year to year or from farmer to farmer.  This oil is suitable for essential oil blends, perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries. LAVENDER MT BLANCLavender Mt Blanc refers to a style of Lavender that was originally from the Mt Blanc region in France. This region no longer produces oil but the name lives on referring to a style of oil.  In our case this is genuine Lavender oil unlike other suppliers.  The 40/42 refers to the total esters as in the 38/40.  This oil is slightly finer in odour quality.  It finds general application in essential oil blends, massage oils, perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries. LAVENDER COMMERCIALLavender oil Commercial is a cheaper oil to compete with the various oils that are offered at prices below production costs where most other companies try to bluff their commercial oils off as genuine. We clearly state that this oil is a natural / nature identical blend that meets all of the constituent and odour characteristics of species Lavandula angustifolia. As such is not suitable for aromatherapy or TGA applications but is perfectly satisfactory for commercial and industrial applications such as perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries and also functional products.


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