Is Massage therapy a luxury or an effective medical treatment?

Posted on Friday 15 April 2011

Or actually all of this? Well…despite considered by many a luxury, how can something so easily accessible be called this way? Just check the prices around. The good thing is that the massage therapy is one of those rare things that make you feel good and are not immoral, illegal, or fattening. If only Mr. Woollcott knew. In reality massage was invented as one of the oldest forms of medical treatment known to the mankind with 5 000 years of written history. Ancient Chinese again may be right after the hard work on inventing the paper.

As we all know ancient China was a cradle for many inventions, which are in great use of the modern man. Just have to mention the gunpowder, paper, the compass, the silk, printing, and we all can appreciate the gravity of their genius. And one of those great artifacts is the massage.

By being very successful stress healer massage can contribute the improvement of patients suffering diseases like high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, gastrointestinal diseases, easily develop colds and other infections, etc. Massage therapy achieves its healing effects by stress reduction, decreasing depression, improving circulation, improving posture, lowering blood pressure, pain relief, strengthened immune system, post-operative rehabilitation, etc.

Stress is caused by cortisol a corticosteroid hormone, which increases the blood pressure and blood sugar. Massage lowers the levels of this stress provoking hormone and hence relieving the feel of stress and anxiety.

Massage therapy can be very beneficial in the treatment of several causes of depression. As it was mentioned before massage is very good in removing stress and this is one of the reasons for depression. Poor posture and improper breathing are common results from depression and here massage can help a lot since these are two of the main areas where massage is great healer. Another reason for depression is imbalance of neurotransmitters and massage is known for its ability to treats physically imbalanced body areas.

It may seem a bit strange for someone who has never been to a therapist but the massage is as good in pain relief as medications. Actually it may be better on this field. Many types of pain be reduced significantly or eliminated by massage, for example muscular, back, joint, migraines, neck pains and many more. Stimulating the signals of the receptors along the nerve fibers and increasing endorphin levels in to the brain and entire nervous system massage is a great way to fight pain.

Clearly not a luxury nowadays massage therapy has been effective medical treatment for thousands of years. It cannot replace traditional western medicine of course but in some cases performs better and is much less harmful. Actually harmless if practiced by licensed therapist.

You can read more about massage therapy in Chicago here. More detailed view on massage therapy benefits.

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