Improper Massages Can Injure Muscles

Posted on Tuesday 17 November 2009

A massage performed by an experienced and licensed massage therapist is a therapeutic technique that helps the muscles relax so that tension and soreness can be alleviated and healing of an injured area can begin. The goal of a therapeutic massage is to improve and enhance the healing process. An injured or torn muscle can be so sore that it prevents one from engaging in their normal activities. Massages promote muscle healing by increasing blood circulation to the injured area, reducing tension, reducing stress, and draining lymph nodes. If one is not experienced and educated in the art of massage and its therapeutic methods, the injured area can receive further damage thereby delaying the healing process.

A massage therapist will be able to identify which muscle is injured and know which type of technique and oils are best to treat the injured area. An improper massage can further injure a torn muscle, so it is important to use the services of a licensed massage therapist. For instance, deep tissue massage is a preferred massage technique to help people with lower back pain. The therapeutic movement and motions of massage therapy will loosen tight muscles to increase flexibility and reduce stiff and sore muscles. The improved circulation brings much needed oxygen and nutrients to the injured area which enhances the healing process. As well, a professional massage will decrease muscle spasms, decrease pain and soreness, relieve tension, improve range of motion and muscle and joint flexibility, and drains fluids so swelling is minimized. The over all result is reduced discomfort and quicker recovery time.

A massage therapist is a trained and educated professional who knows exactly how to apply the proper massage techniques to a particular injured area. They will attend a special school where they will acquire a certificate. To work as a massage therapist, they will have to be licensed. As well, a massage therapist can even specialize in areas such as Swedish massage, sports massage, and clinical massage. To become a licensed massage therapist, most states require national certification. Training, education, and certification highlight the importance of not having an inexperienced person who tries to massage an injured muscle or tissue.

There have been very little risks associated with engaging in massage therapy. There have been a few noted injuries, but it was normally the result of an inexperienced and unqualified person giving the massage. Before you decide to have massage therapy, ask the therapist about his or her training, experience, and any licenses or credentials acquired. As well, make sure you tell the massage therapist about any medical conditions you have and ask whether he or she has had any specialized training or experience with the particular condition, and ask about the number of treatments that will be needed.

Massage therapy is an ancient practice with proven results. There are many types of massage therapy that involve working the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. In the United States, massage therapy is often part of traditional medicine. As well, it is part of complementary and alternative medicine. When engaging in a massage session, it is important that you use the services of a licensed massage therapist.

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