How to Battle Against Excessive Hair Loss

Posted on Tuesday 29 September 2009

You could essentially look at hair loss as falling into two different categories – You lose some hair naturally as part of the normal cycle of hair loss and growth, but it is also possible to suffer from excessive hair loss. Every hair grows approximately 1cm, which is less than half of an inch every month during the normal growth cycle which lasts between 2 years and 6 years.

About 90 percent of all of the hair on your head is currently growing at one specific point in time. The rest of your hair, approximately 10 percent, is in the resting phase. After a period of two to three months, the resting hair will fall out and then new hairs will begin to grow in their place. Shedding some hair is completely normal as part of this cycle, but if you are experiencing hair loss that is greater than normal, then you need to know what steps you can take to battle against excessive hair loss.

The first key to leading the battle against excessive hair loss is to determine why you are losing your hair more quickly than you should be. Excessive hair loss is capable of affecting anyone, including men, women and children and people of any age. For example, if you have recently had a major surgery or a major illness, you may be loosing hair as a result of the stress behind the illness or the surgery.

Another thing that may cause hair loss is hormonal problems such as a thyroid gland that is either underactive or overactive. Many women may notice excessive hair loss within a few months of having had a baby. There are also some medications that are capable of causing hair loss. There are a number of reasons that you may be losing your hair excessively, and you cannot begin the fight against this hair loss until you determine exactly why it is happening.

Another cause for excessive hair loss is improper hair care. Are you using tight hair rollers, or wearing tight hairstyles like pigtails or cornrows? These things may be pulling on your hair unnecessarily, causing traction alopecia. If you stop this pulling before your scalp scars, you may be able to stop the hair loss.

Furthermore, you can also try using organic hair products as a substitute for synthetic ones. As most of those products are hypoallergenic, it allows even those with sensitive skin to use it. The contained vitamins and minerals also strengthen hair and offer vitality.

There is a strong chance that your family doctor will be able to help you battle your excessive hair loss with natural hair treatment. Your doctor will ask you a lot of different questions about the medicines that you are taking, your current diet, any recent illness that you may have experienced as well as how you normally take care of your hair. Other questions may be asked depending on your gender, age and situation. Your doctor is also going to want to perform a physical exam to find out if there are any other causes of excessive hair loss. Once you know the real cause for your excessive hair loss, you can figure out a plan to fight it.

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