Healing Sorrow With Essential Oils

Posted on Thursday 19 August 2010

Grief is a very overwhelming feeling, especially to those who are truly suffering. Sadly, sorrow and grief are part of humanity. The grief cycle has a few different stages. One of those stages is acceptance.

This eventually means moving past our grief and eventually getting to the part of life where we can breathe real breaths of life. We can get away from the burden. Essential oils can help ease the burden of sadness and get you to a place of acceptance. Here are a few essential oils that can help.

Bergamot – Bergamot has tremendous calming properties. Bergamot works as an anti-depressant and works with supporting hormones. Its citrus scent is very appealing and is used a lot in aromatherapy to alleviate anxiety. Aromatherapy is often used to improve moods.

Bergamot is a great choice for a person who is fighting depression and agitation. It works great also for people suffering from insomnia. Bergamot can be diffused, but should not be applied directly on the skin. Doing so can make it phototoxic when exposed to sunlight.

Roman Chamomile is a great option with healing sorrow as well. It works to calm people down, and is a great anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic that aids and relaxes the body. It works to detoxify the blood and liver in the body as well.

Roman Chamomile helps to soothe anxiety, and relieve depression and restlessness. The fragrance of Roman Chamomile helps curb anger and help people who are trying to deal with issues in the past. Roman Chamomile can be diffused or inhaled. It is a safe oil that can be used on sensitive skin types, children, and even the elderly.

Juniper helps with emotions. It evokes good feelings of love, health, and peace. Many people diffuse juniper when trying to get in a good meditative state.

Lavender is one of the most famous universal essential oils out there on the market. Lavender is a very versatile oil. With the grieving process lavender oil can balance out the emotional and physical aspects of grief.

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