Feel Fit And Fine With A Full Body Massage

Posted on Friday 6 November 2009

A body massage is an ancient form of physical therapy. The massage was an important adjunct to the ceremonial bath in Greek and Roman cultures. It is widely practiced today by people from all walks of life. A massage given by a professional therapist is wonderfully relaxing and refreshing. You’ll feel like a new person after a massage, filled with a new-found energy to get work done. Most of us do know what a massage is, but there are some people who haven’t had a professional massage yet. This article will bring the body massage into closer and clearer focus.

You must have experienced a fair share of massages given to you, and you must have given others a number of massages yourself. Even at that non-professional level you’ll have noticed how the person receiving the massage feels and reacts. They feel all ‘thawed’ out! Relaxed, comfortable, at ease, tension-free, rested, and energized. That’s the basic idea behind the activity known as a massage. The body massage has found a place of importance in a number of alternative therapies which are a continuation of the ancient, classical medical traditions. Let’s see what a massage therapist does.

First, find yourself a reputed massage salon to gain the full benefit of a body massage. Each person receiving a massage is assigned a separate cabin. You will have to divest yourself of your garments preparatory to the massage. Lie prone on the massage table. A sheet or towel will be draped over you to keep the body heat in. Choose your massage from those on offer. Generally there are two basic full body massages: general body massage, and deep tissue massage. Of course there are many variations available besides.

The first thing that happens when the massaging starts, is that the blood circulation gets enhanced. ‘Enlivened’ is the proper word for what happens to the blood circulation. The blood being the life force of the body, its increased circulation means the whole body gets livened up. When we exert ourselves physically, the muscles get tired due to the accumulation of certain catabolic wastes. The enhanced circulation washes away these wastes and voila! the muscles are not tired anymore! The blood contains elements which are vital for health or healing in other words. So damaged muscles, ligaments, and tissues get healed faster due to the enhanced blood circulation. That’s why you feel fresh and whole during and after a massage.

Insufficient activity and improper posture cause our blood vessels and nerves to get displaced from their normal positions. Our health suffers when the blood vessels are twisted out of place. When the nerves get cramped it tells on our brain in the form of a pervasive tension or stress. Thus our health and wellness both suffer. In a body massage, the masseur firmly manipulates the body, helping choked blood vessels to open up, which increases the transport of oxygen, nutrients and disease-fighting antibodies throughout the body. Damaged muscles and other tissues get repaired faster. Unhealthy flab is worked away in the massage. The masseur’s manipulations help nerves to get uncramped, thus relieving stress and tension. The blood circulation of the skin gets pepped up as well, resulting in a tighter, healthier skin tone. So, a full body massage gives us many benefits in one go.

We generally believe that a massage is a form of physical therapy, and hence benefits us in a physical way only. This is not true. We are benefited mentally as well as physically. Just as the muscles get tired due to the accumulation of wastes, our brain undergoes much the same effect when we exert ourselves mentally. The enhanced blood circulation washes away the accumulated toxins from the brain, and leaves it fresh and tension-free! That’s why you can get a really good, healthy sleep after a body massage.

Professional massage therapy goes beyond enhancing the blood circulation. Professional massage therapy is based on touch therapy, which states that a touch is a psychological bridge between two sentient entities. So, if a colleague is feeling down, a hug will lift his spirits. We’ve seen that happen often enough to know that it is true. A professional massage therapist knows this, and uses it to generate psychological well-being in the subject. So, now you know where to go when you’re aching and paining!

Now that we’ve analyzed the effects of a body massage, why don’t you get yourself an appointment with a good, reputed, licensed, professional massage therapist, and help yourself to a veritable bouquet of benefits, physical, mental, and emotional!

Lots of people are now using electric massage chairs to replace a human massage. While they are not as effective, they do make a fair substitute if you don’t have the time to travel to a licensed therapist. Visit www.Full-Body-Massage-Therapy.com for more information on this plus other types of massage like a hot stone massage.

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