Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil: Infinite Advantages

Posted on Thursday 28 January 2010

There are 700 varieties of eucalyptus that are discovered till now and out of these there are 500 varieties which are useful and which produce many different type of oils. Australia is rich in eucalyptus tree. You will find eucalyptus in other countries also but not in large quantities as in Australia.

There are different types of oils produced by eucalyptus trees. Some of these oils are medicinal oils, many different industrial oils and oils that can be used in perfumes. The amazing thing is that all these oils are produced not from the bark of the tree but from the leaves. You will found eucalyptus tree oil in almost all first aid kits. This is because of its great medicinal properties.

The different types of oils that can be produced from eucalyptus trees are medicinal oils, many different industrial oils and oils that can be used in perfumes. Believe me, in this tree the bark is of no use but the leaves of the tree from which oil is produced. People keep the eucalyptus tree oil at their homes as a first aid for any disease.

Eucalyptus radiate has the most common properties and is widely used for its medicinal properties. It is richest in 1, 8 cineole. It is the best antibacterial, antiviral and is also great oil for getting relief from sinus. It helps in removing all type of infections. It is best for healing any type of problem in respiratory system and improves its condition a lot. It is lowest in aldehydes and hence is a lot effective.

The next tree in the list is eucalyptus globules. In the layman language its name is blue gum tree. It is best for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and wounds and is also best in healing any infections of respiratory tract. The major advantage of this tree is that it helps in the purification of air and in production of ozone gas. It is rich in oxides and 1, 8 cineole.

There is one more tree in the family of eucalyptus which is known for its properties. It is eucalyptus citriodora. Its fragrance is like fresh lemon and gives a cooling effect. The main constituent of this tree is citronellal which is an aldehyde. The best use of the oil of this tree is to give a cooling effect to the body and reduces heat in the body. It is also used in repelling silver fish and cockroaches and many other insects that reside in your home. It is very good for children because of its fragrance.

One more common tree named eucalyptus dives. It is also named as peppermint eucalyptus. You can recognize by its fragrance which matches that of methanol. The main ingredient of this tree is piperitone which is a ketone. It is good for healing infections of sinus, ear, kidney and vaginitis. Its oil is used commonly to heal infections and other related diseases.

Last but not the least is Eucalyptus polybractea. It has similar properties as that of E.globulus. It is also named as Blue Mallee and is high in 1, 8 cineole. It is gentle on skin.

You may want to apply home remedies like Eucalyptus radiata essential oilthat are medicinal in nature and helps you keep on the go. In this fast-paced world, you need something to relieve you from feelings of stress and fatigue. Or you may want to try aromatherapy gifts.

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