Essential Oils Things to Think About When Purchasing

Posted on Monday 16 November 2009

When purchasing organic oils and different aromatherapy supplies it is vital to consider the value. Not all organic oils are the same, extract quality is dependent on the growing environment of the flowers and the extraction systems utilized.

There are two main classifications for essentials oils, food grade and therapeutic grade. Food grade or a lower quality oil and not good for inhalation. Therapeutic grade oils are of a better quality and higher purity and are preferred for most aromatherapy uses. It is important to learn about the different types and classifications of organic oils to know which type you might need.

Essential chemicals can vary in cost from country to country. environmental destruction is able to reduce the availability of herbs and drive up the cost of their chemicals. The Indian sandalwood is considered an endangered species and greatly valued for its scent so it is more valuable than other types of sandalwood grown throughout the world.

Apart from the environment in which a plant is cultivated the oil extraction method is the other major factor in its quality. Extraction is how the valuable oils and compounds contained in plants are removed and separated from unwanted chemicals or impurities. The two types of extraction are physical extraction and chemical extraction. Physical methods include steam extraction and a process called enfleurage. Supercritical extraction is a type of chemical extraction technique and can be used for obtained extremely pure and unadulterated compounds.

Essential oils and other organic compounds are classified as either food grade or therapeutic grade. Their chemical grade an Food Chemical Codex can provide insight into the make up and quality of oils. The FCC is a detailed listing of the chemical components of organic oils.

Though all compounds should be extracted naturally from source flowers several manufacturers utilize synthetic additives. Food grade organic chemicals should be avoided for this reason, in spite of the name which makes them sound appropriate for aromatherapy.

Therapeutic grade is the classification given to organic compounds that are manufactured from natural sources and suitable for aromatherapy. It can be hard to decide the worth of essential chemicals and their constituent parts with physical review so it is crucial to make purchases just from reputable merchants.

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