Christmas Cheer

Posted on Sunday 27 December 2009

Each year we give you some great recipes that you can use to create your own Christmas cheer. Follow these simple recipes and enjoy the gift-giving season.

HEALING LIP BALM – great for healing dry, cracked, sore lips.

15gm (3tsp) Beeswax

5gm (1tsp) Cocoa Butter

5gm (1tsp) Honey

65ml Jojoba

5ml (1tsp) Carrot Infused Oil

3 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

2 drops Myrrh Essential Oil

LUSCIOUS LIME LIP BALMS – delicious and fun to keep your lips soft and moisturised.

10gm (2tsp) Beeswax

5gm (1tsp) Cocoa Butter

80ml (4tbsp) Sweet Almond oil

5ml (1tsp) Vegetable Glycerin

20 drops Lime Distilled Essential Oil

Making a Lip Balm:

1. Melt the beeswax and cocoa butter in a double boiler.

2. Add the vegetable oils and glycerin or honey, keeping the mixture over the heat.

3. Once the mixture is liquid, remove it from heat

4. Using an electric hand mixer, stir to ensure glycerin or honey is well dispersed in the mixture and does not sink to the bottom

5. Once the mixture begins to cool, stir in the essential oils

6. Pour into small lip balm jars.

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