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For your tired, overworked feet follow this simple recipe: Blend your essential oils in an amber bottle – 2mL Peppermint, 2mL Spearmint and 1mL Lavender French Population. Mix 10 drops of this blend with 100gm Magnesium Sulphate and add 0.5mL of Calendula Healing oil. For optimum results prepare this blend a week in advance and […]

Fresh Foot Wash!

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Ingredients: 125ml Auroma Additive Free Shower and Bath Gel 8 drops Lime West Indian Distilled Essential Oil 8 drops Spearmint Essential Oil 5 drops Tea Tree Premium Essential Oil 2 drops Niaouli Essential Oil Pour the Bath and Shower gel into a plastic botttle, then add the essential oils. Shake well to combine the oils […]

Combat Pressure Massage Oil

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100ml Auroma’s Rich Massage Oil 20 drops Lavender Organic Essential Oil 10 drops Patchouli Aceh Essential Oil 10 drops Ylang Ylang Complete Organic Essential Oil Blend the Essential Oils into the Rich Massage Oil and store in a dark glass bottle.

Revive the Senses Burner Blend

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4 drops Lemon Cold Pressed Essential Oil 2 drops Clary Sage Australian Essential Oil 1 drop Mandarin Essential Oil 1 drop Geranium Egyptian Essential Oil Add essential oils to the water in your oil burner bowl, or add to electric vaporiser.

Treat Yourself to a Retreat

This time each year we get a bit overwhelmed, therefore treating yourself to a retreat is a fabulous way to relax and find peace again. A healthy and safe alternative to cigarettes or alcohol is to have an aromatic bath everyday, unfortunately not all of us have this luxury of time, therefore once a week […]

“Oil Free” Moisturising Gel

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95ml Chamomile German Water 5ml Aloe Vera Concentrate 3gm Sclerotium Gum 0.5ml Grapefruitseed Extract 8 drops Sandalwood West Australian Essential Oil 4 drops Lavender French Population Essential Oil 2 drops Yarrow Essential Oil 1 drop Chamomile German Extra Blue Essential Oil Warm the Chamomile water to 60oC in a glass jug or beaker. Add the […]