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Fragrance has an immediate association with memory – so it can be important to choose the right one! Particularly when you are using your fragrance in a personal care product, you want to create the right theme for your product. Perfumers select from numerous raw materials and ingredients to build a fragrance. They utilise natural […]

Pheromones can Alter Behavior in Humans

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There is a lot of research currently being conducted concerning pheromones and the role they play in human behavior. It has long been established that many insects, birds and animals are equipped with pheromones to excite or alter a specific behavior due to the scent emitted by the chemicals. For example, ants have been shown to use a natural chemical to mark the path between a food source and their nest for them and others to follow when returning with food.


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Smell is the sense most closely linked to the emotional centres of our brain. Although more of our brain is dedicated to vision than to any of the other senses, more of our genes are devoted to the sense of smell (1%) than to the detection of all the other kinds of sensory information. We […]

The Human Relationship with Fragrance -Linda Harman, Quest International

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‘Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived’. Fragrance – the very word represents indulgence; pleasure; luxury. For centuries we have had a very special relationship with scent, with smell the most elusive of the senses. Helen Keller had an acute sensitivity to smell […]