Body Oils

Posted on Thursday 22 January 2009

Body oils bring Aromatherapy to your daily life with ease. Simply choose the theme for the day, warm a small amount in your hands and gently massage into your skin. Your skin will feel silky smooth and you will feel ready to tackle the day ahead.

Awaken – Easily absorbed by the skin this nourishing and moisturising body oil contains our Awaken essential oil blend mixed with Grapeseed (a clear to light green oil which is rich in linolenic acid, making it excellent for hyperallergenic skin) and Soya Bean. A perfect way to start your day.

Luxury- Take a step back, unwind and treat yourself to a little luxury with our Luxury essential oil blend combined with Peach Kernel, Camellia, Jojoba and Evening Primrose. Camellia oil is quickly absorbed by the skin. Peach Kernel is great for sensitive, dry, mature or inflamed skins.  Jojoba one of the most luxurious oils is an excellent emollient for the skin. Evening Primrose can help with the healing of wounds and treatment of many skin disorders. Everyone deserves a little bit of luxury.

Peace – Feed your body, mind and soul with this soothing selection of Peace essential oil blend merged with Grapeseed, Soya Bean and Borage (helps with the regeneration and stimulation of the skin) to enhance any time of relaxation.

Rest – Unwind, let go and drift away with our Rest essential oil blend diluted in Grapeseed, Soya Bean (is one of the most popular vegetable oils leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth) and Borage perfect after a busy day or a sleepless night.

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