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Posted on Friday 17 October 2008

With the price and availability of many of the most popular essential oils being uncertain at best, we are happy to announce a new shipment of Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) oil is available.

Our shipping company has just notified us that this fresh stock has finally reached our Melbourne, Australia processing facility. As a valued Customer, we would like to present you with the first opportunity of purchasing this new material.


Product Description:           Patchouli Essential Oil

Botanical Species:                Pogostemon cablin

Product Code:                     EOPAT

CAS No:                             8014-09-3, 84238-39-1

Odour Description:             Rich aromatic-spicy, woody-balsamic, sweet-herbaceous

Applications:                       Fragrance, perfumery, incense, soaps, personal care, body oils, aromatherapy, toiletries


Patchouli is considered a “cash crop”, farmers grow more when the price goes up and change their crops when the supply is high and market price comes down again (this is a similar pricing pattern to Lemongrass). Generally, we are able to balance this out as we know the patterns with the oil.

Since the tsunami in 2004 when the crops were destroyed the amount of good Patchouli oil in the market has become more and more limited. This was intensified with further failure of crops, which lead to a complete shortage of material, and the prices sky-rocketed. With new crops finally making their way into the market, the prices are starting to ease allowing us to offer you these reductions.

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