A few useful Ideas & Tips on Candle Making

Posted on Tuesday 12 April 2011

Candle making is an easy procedure and it could be easily done at home but there are certain things that you’ve to keep in mind before you begin to do candle. As wax is flammable it might be dangerous in case you leave un monitored. To avoid any mishaps here are few candle making tips & tricks.

Don’t leave melting wax un monitored as well as if it’s done in a double boiler. Don’t use any rubber gloves while doing the candles. Only use a double boiler and don’t attempt to heat the wax in a microwave oven as it is quite risky. There are risks of wax splattering plus it could also get messy. In case if you drop wax on your body then instead of wiping it put it instantly in cool water so that the wax cools down plus it would stop burning.

Don’t keep any combustible product close to the stove and in case when you have overheated the boiler and you get any kind of strange odor then first switch off the gas first. In case there is any fire accidents don’t try to put off the fire by pouring water it simply aggravates the fire instead attempt to dab it with a cloth or add baking soda.

Don’t ever wash your molds with water instead heat your oven to 175-200 degrees put a few tissue paper below then after just turn the mold down and also heat it again for few minutes after this simply wipe with the tissues. Make an effort to buy best fitting votive candle holders. After burning just place the candles inside fridge. The wax will come out and it would be convenient to clean.

Make use of wooden skewers or chopsticks for stirring wax as well as for holding wicks. Heat resistant plastic dough scrapers are useful for scraping wax. To remove wax from the mold just place it in the refrigerator this will help to clean it easily.

If you have wax on your carpet or even furniture make use of a paper towel on the spot and blow dry it the wax get transferred to the paper. I really hope these tips are helpful to suit your needs and try to make necessary safeguards needed before you start to make candles at home.

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