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I Love The Smell Of Coconut Oil

I have been in the massage field for nine years and one of my favorite things to say about massage is, “It’s something that feels good and is good for you.” Let’s face it, it is often hard to get the two together.

Highly Regarded Aromatherapy Oils For Stress Relief

Scientific research backing the medicinal use of essential oils is being released almost daily. You’ll find these reports through sites such as “pubmed”, which compile all the latest biomedical research published in peer-reviewed journals. The total amount of data is largest in examination of antiseptic, antibacterial, and other physiological actions of oils, yet the body of research examining their “aroma-therapeutic” type effects is now of reasonable size. Some scientists have concluded that the psycho-emotional actions of aromatic oils are potent enough and consistent enough to warrant recommendation as “complementary therapies” as natural anxiolytics (anxiety-reducers) and/or anti-depressants.

Supporting Cognitive Function And Mood With Essential Oils

The essential oils commonly used in aromatherapy actually have a significant base of data supporting their use in many medical applications. They have proven antibacterial, antiviral, even anticancer effects. Recent research is building on their ability to improve cognitive function as well. While not directly the aim of these studies, it seems some oils have been shown to be able to improve mood as well in “controlled” research. So how can you take this data out of the lab and into your life? It’s pretty easy really — here’s a look at the research, and some ideas on taking it home with you.

Kukui Nut Oil-Get The Best Cure For Your Skin Problems

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The Many Therapeutic Wonders Of Lemon Essential Oil

As aromatherapy practitioners (or aromatherapy beginners), we have so many far-out oils available to us, getting the most exotic oils in the world shipped to us in days via internet shopping. All these fancy sounding oils easily lure our attention, and we sometime forget the gems available in simple oils like Lemon. Cold pressed lemon essential oil is inexpensive, readily available, and has an amazing array of truly therapeutic uses, with science to back them up. Here’s a wrap up of this wonderful oil, and how you can easily make use of it.