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Reed Diffuser Education

When you are shopping for your aromatherapy, it is a good idea to know about what choices exist for your reeds, and about the lifespan of a good quality set before you bring them home. There are good facts to know.

Massage Oil Does More Than Just Relax The Body

( Massage )

The scent of the massage oil can do as much good for you as the massage itself. Oils help the hands of the massage therapist glide smoothly over the skin. It helps them to get into the muscles better to get all those kinks out. Most oils used in massage are pure and most are cold pressed. Every therapist has their own favorite but now you can make your own that will be perfect for you.

The Process of Making A Diffuser Oil

It is a miracle to be smelling such vivid scents that come from the most beautiful flowers and plants. It is also a big mystery for many just how those scents traveled all the way from those flowers to our homes. How is an essential oil collected?

Eradicating Fungus with Aromatherapy Oils

Ridding the Body of Unwanted Fungus

A Nearly Magic Oil: Calendula for Many Reasons

Infused Calendula oil has long been used as a component of natural skin care preparations for its special soothing properties. The oil of the flowers had not been available as an essential oil for most of its history, as the flowers had been too delicate to process in the typical steam distillation process. With the recent introduction of the Supercritical cold-extraction process, a concentrated Calendula CO2 essential oil is now readily available, making it very easy to include this wonderful concentrated in any skin care and wound healing recipe. This new Calendula extract has been the subject of much research over the last several years, confirming its nearly miraculous regenerative, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions — further encouraging its use for natural skin care products, whether purchased already blended or for you to make a personal formula at home.

Essential Oils for Illness Prevention: A Review of the Science

Why Disease is Prevalent