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Aromatherapy is Aroma-Medicine

They’ve Known It All Along

Petitgrain Water

Auroma has introduced a lovely new floral water from the fabulous orange tree – Citrus aurantium ssp. amara. Petitgrain Water has a crisp, revitalising, cleansing aroma and is suitable for all skin types. As a refreshing skin tonic, Petitgrain Water will help to cleanse and tone the skin, and has a mildly astringent affect. Simply […]

Super Soothing Aloe Vera Gel

( Recipes )

2gm Sclerotium Gum 2gm Vegetable Glycerine 90mL Chamomile German Floral Water 10mL Aloe Vera Concentrate 15 drops Peppermint Mitcham Essential Oil 10 drops Lavender French Population Essential Oil Warm the Chamomile German Floral Water to 65-70°C in a glass beaker. Add Aloe Vera Concentrate and stir well. In a separate beaker blend the Sclerotium Gum […]

Christmas Cheer

Each year we give you some great recipes that you can use to create your own Christmas cheer. Follow these simple recipes and enjoy the gift-giving season. HEALING LIP BALM – great for healing dry, cracked, sore lips. 15gm (3tsp) Beeswax 5gm (1tsp) Cocoa Butter 5gm (1tsp) Honey 65ml Jojoba 5ml (1tsp) Carrot Infused Oil […]

Frankincense Essential Oil – A Treasure Chest of Value

Historical Significance

Spa In The Heart Of Belgium

( Massage )

Have you ever heard of a small town in a Belgium known as Spa? If not, Then now is the time to have your mind opened to the endless possibilities this lovely piece of land has to offer.