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Aromatherapy Uses for Physical Well Being

Using essential oils and other helpful compounds extracted from plants and flowers is known as aromatherapy. Oils and chemicals can be harvested from plants by one of several extraction methods, these methods can be used to get a wide variety of different compounds. Active organic compounds can either be used alone in with other compounds.

Heal and Relax with Massage Oils

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Which one do you like – firm kneading motions, fingers that gently get rid of the cricks in your neck, or the hard pressure of a shiatsu massage? There are actually a lot of ways one can enjoy a massage. And all of these are invariably soothing and relaxing. Also, there are a lot of massage oils to choose from.

Can Essential Oils Prevent Swine Flu? A Review Of The Science And The Practice

With more people investigating ways to support their immune system, and perhaps go so far as to actually prevent infection from influenza viruses (Swine flu, for example), a primer on essential oils and infectious illness is in order. There are several natural medicines available which have solid backing in flu prevention: zinc lozenges and elderberry extract are two very popular items. Though little attention has been given to the use of essential oils for this purpose. It is the position of many leading aroma-medicine practitioners that the use of oils for the treatment and prevention of infectious illness is the area of medicine where these products will be of greatest help to mankind. AND, there is a growing body of scientific evidence revealing true antiviral and immunostimulating effects of essential oils. Here’s a look at the research, and some easy-to-use recipes and techniques one can use to protect the immunity of themselves and their families.

Feel Fit And Fine With A Full Body Massage

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A body massage is an ancient form of physical therapy. The massage was an important adjunct to the ceremonial bath in Greek and Roman cultures. It is widely practiced today by people from all walks of life. A massage given by a professional therapist is wonderfully relaxing and refreshing. You’ll feel like a new person after a massage, filled with a new-found energy to get work done. Most of us do know what a massage is, but there are some people who haven’t had a professional massage yet. This article will bring the body massage into closer and clearer focus.

Important Considerations when Shopping for Aromatherapy Gifts

If you are looking for a special gift that will be genuinely appreciated, consider pampering aromatherapy gifts. Aromatherapy has become very popular as we become busier and look for things that make the small amount of time we have to ourselves special. If I’ve had a particularly stressful day, I like to turn on a warm bath in the jet tub and dump in a handful of aromatherapy salts to help me to escape into relaxation. Lavender is my all time favorite, and is used in lots of different products like bath salts, bath oil, shower gel, body scrub, lotion, and body spray. There are tons of unique refreshing or relaxing aromatic scents to choose from; just try a different one each time and experience all of them!

Matching a Skin Care Product to Your Skin

The right skin care product can do wonders for your skin, but most people aren’t sure exactly how to find that perfection product that does what they want it to. Instead, they bounce around, trying first one product and then another and never really getting the right one. If you are one of these people who simply hasn’t found the perfect skin care product, it’s time to learn just what to look for in the ideal skin care items.