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Create and Use A Potent Anti-Viral Essential Oil Formula

Scientific proof regarding the effectiveness of natural essential oils against a wide variety of viruses continues to grow. In the 1970′s, German researchers tested extracts of more than 90 species of the Lamiaceae plant family to have anti-viral actions. This discovery prompted great interest in the examination of essential oils in Europe for the treatment of viral infections. In more recent research, the essential oils distilled from these plants have demonstrated potent anti-viral properties. These concentrated forms of the plant medicine are easy-to-use, readily available, and can be highly effective in both supporting the immune system AND eradicating viruses with which they come in contact. In fact, many of the world’s leading aroma-medicine therapists believe the treatment and prevention of infectious illness to be the most important and efficacious use of essential oils. Here’s a look at which oils may be most effective for the professional and home practitioner to utilize for this purpose.

Get The Best Facial Beauty Regime at Your Local Beauty Salon

‘Facial skin care’ is more a matter of routine than the rest. It is also about using the best products that you can afford to gain an amazing complexion.

How to Battle Against Excessive Hair Loss

You could essentially look at hair loss as falling into two different categories – You lose some hair naturally as part of the normal cycle of hair loss and growth, but it is also possible to suffer from excessive hair loss. Every hair grows approximately 1cm, which is less than half of an inch every month during the normal growth cycle which lasts between 2 years and 6 years.

What Does Aromatherapy Do And What Is It?

Aromatherapy may be something that you’ve heard about but don’t know very much about. You may like to know more about aromatherapy so I’d like to tell you a little of the history and applications for aromatherapy.

Massage Treatments For Kicking Up PerFormance

( Massage )

If you ask most people about their health being a priority, then will definitely say yes. However, if you observe their behavior, then you notice that their actions do not always match up to their words. It is kind of like New Year’s resolutions. We make them and break them in a few days within the New Year. I think we like to think that we are in control, but then we must somehow lack the discipline to sustain the necessary action. We know that we are under more stress, yet we are not finding ways to relieve this stress. One very effective means is getting massage therapy from your own massage chair.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy – What Are They?

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Modern life is causing stress to reach epidemic proportions. So the benefits of massage therapy and helping to relieve stress simply cannot be ignored. Today more and more people are suffering from headaches, muscular problems and chronic pain caused by the stress that they are placing their bodies under. So under going a regular massage can help to alleviate these problems and can prevent them from becoming much worse or occurring later on in life.