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Facial Treat for the Home Spa

This facial treat leaves your skin feeling and looking radiant! •5mL Borage Oil •5mL Avocado Oil •10mL Neroli 3% in Jojoba Oil Combine in a 20mL bottle Step 1: Cleanse your skin, and then lightly mist the skin with floral water. Step 2: Apply 4-6 drops of oil to your skin and lightly massage in. […]

Citrus Burst Cleansing Cream

Refreshing and cleansing – perfect for morning and night, suitable for all skin types. •15 drops Lemon Distilled Essential Oil •10 drops Mandarin Essential Oil •5 drops Bergamot Non-Phototoxic Essential Oil •100mL Cleansing Lotion Additive Free Add essential oils to cleansing lotion and blend thoroughly. Use twice daily to cleanse your face, avoid the eye […]