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Aromatherapy Soap Making by Elizabeth Wright…. Extensively revised and improved we are all glad to have this book back on our shelves. It contains everything you need to know to make your own Aromatherapy soaps. Easy to understand instructions are given for soap making using basic ingredients and utensils. “You can choose from over 20 […]


Why not make your own gift packs for Christmas, following are some ideas you could use: Match one of our premium essential oil blends with a massage blend, along with one of our attractive metal candle burners. Place in a nice square box with rose petals scattered around the product, wrap with cellophane and a […]


Bergamot is a refreshing oil derived from the cold expression of the Bergamot fruit. These days the oil is extensively cultivated in Calabria in Southern Italy and along the Ivory Coast . Bergamot essential oil contains naturally occurring bergaptens or furano-coumarins, which are known to cause skin photo toxicity. This means that skin can discolour […]

“Oil Free” Moisturising Gel

( Recipes )

95ml Chamomile German Water 5ml Aloe Vera Concentrate 3gm Sclerotium Gum 0.5ml Grapefruitseed Extract 8 drops Sandalwood West Australian Essential Oil 4 drops Lavender French Population Essential Oil 2 drops Yarrow Essential Oil 1 drop Chamomile German Extra Blue Essential Oil Warm the Chamomile water to 60oC in a glass jug or beaker. Add the […]

Entertaining and Vibrant Soaps

LOVE SOAP 1tbsp Pink Clay 3tbsp dried Rose Petals 250gm Ecol Soap Powder 3ml (60 drops) Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 100ml Water Your love soap can be rolled into the rose petals to make it look really appealing, do this while soaps are still very moist. Please Note:  Rose petals may bleed colour. CHOCOLATE SOAP […]

Aromatherapy Uses

Ylang Ylang helps to relieve irritability, nervous tension and mild anxiety in an oil burner, or diluted for massage (4 drops in 10mL of carrier oil). Beneficial to help relieve insomnia in a warm bath before bed (1drop in 2mL of vegetable oil) or 1 drop in an electric vapouriser. Ylang Ylang is beneficial in […]