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Market Update for Everyday Aromatherapy Customers (Oct 2008)

Citrus Oils Many of the crops around the world have been dramatically affected by unusual weather conditions. There has been crop failure and poor yields as a result of this. Lemon and Bergamot have been the most seriously affected with both price and availability being affected. There is one citrus oil where the situation has […]

Auroma Patchouli from The Aromatherapy Place

With the price and availability of many of the most popular essential oils being uncertain at best, we are happy to announce a new shipment of Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) oil is available. Our shipping company has just notified us that this fresh stock has finally reached our Melbourne, Australia processing facility. As a valued Customer, […]

Why Auroma from The Aromatherapy Place?

So you needn’t worry about buying essential oils that have been adulterated: Everyday Aromatherapy has been a ritual in Australia dating back to the Aborigines. Auroma has the technology and ability to analyze and validate every essential oil by conducting Gas Chromotography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) testing and analysis. The Auroma laboratory is staffed by a team […]

Tibetan Style Incense Sticks

incense sticks are hand rolled and do not include potassium nitrate. They will definitely look home made, and you may need to persevere to get your blend exactly right to create a stick that burns well! 30 parts Sandalwood Powder 1 part Tragacanth Gum Powder 17 part warm water (floral water is suitable)  Combine your […]

Incense Making

The use of incense dates back at least five thousand years. One of the original uses for incense was to mask unpleasant odours. It has a long history in religious ceremonies and magical rituals, where different resins, gums and herbs are used for specific purposes. In modern times incense is commonly used in meditation and […]