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Mental Fatigue

Rosemary, an oil that stimulates both body and mind, is invaluable if you are mentally fatigued by overwork but need to maintain a clear head in order to complete some pressing task. Where stress is partially to blame, clary sage and juniper berry will help both to relieve tension and lift your spirits.

Choosing a Therapist

Finding a good aromatherapist is not always easy. Many people set up as professionals after only a few days’ training, when in fact a minimum of six months’ full-time study is normally required before a qualifying exam may be taken.  Always look out for a diploma or certificate stating that an examination has been taken; […]

Essential Oil of Geranium

Essential oil of geranium is a good all-rounder. It is effective in cleansing the body, and uplifting the mind. The oil has a rich, sweet aroma and is usually greenish-yellow in colour.

Useful Oils

Tea tree, lemon, geranium, and black pepper may help to combat infection. Lavender, rosemary, and, again, tea tree have a generalized beneficial effect and can give a boost to your immune system. Where the chest is affected, eucalyptus, peppermint, and Atlas cedarwood are all useful since they can loosen mucus.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Essential oil of juniper berry is noted primarily for its antiseptic and diuretic properties. The oil is colourless to pale yellow when freshly distilled, but it grows darker and thicker with age. The fresh aroma is similar to that of cypress (both plants are from the same family), but sharper and more peppery.