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Essential Oil of Peppermint

Essential oil of peppermint promotes overall physical and emotional wellbeing, although its healing properties are primarily associated with the digestive system. It has a light, clean, refreshing aroma, and is a good insect repellant.

July 2008 Market Report

Over the past 2 years the shifts in the oil market have been dramatic and erratic, with the past 6 months proving to be the most chaotic in memory. The impact of climate change, rising fuel prices and changing economic communities has resulted in a completely different market place. That being said, we would like […]


Geranium – (Pelargonium graveolens) p.o. leaves, b.s. geraniol, esters – noted for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, particularly good at reducing lymphatic congestion as well as being decongestant and phlebotonic to the veins and vessels of the lymphatic system.


Grapefruit – (Citrus x paradisi) p.o. zest, b.s. d-limonene – antitoxic, astringent, diuretic, detoxifying and depurative to help combat impurities in the blood, stimulant to the lymphatic and digestive system, tonic and decongestant.

Peaceful Body Lotion

5Lt Auroma Body Lotion 10mL Auroma Peace Essential Oil Blend 2 x 250mL Amber Plastic Jars pack & caps Simply blend through the essential oil blend into the body lotion, making sure that is is completely mixed through. Spoon into 250 mL jars, label and surprise your friends. This would make 20 jars of lotion.

Fragrant Sachets

Dried flowers, powders (such as Orris root or sandalwood) or talc can be fragranced and placed in sachets to fragrance cupbords and drawers. Fragrance oils are designed to have a lasting aroma, for a more short term aroma use essential oils. The simplest sachet is made from a 15-20cm square of material. Place 1 tablespoon […]