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Cocoa Butter

( Massage )

Cocoa Butter is a very emollient ingredient for your cosmetics or massage bars. The butter is quite hard, but melts into the skin as soon as it touches you. Cocoa Butter is used in hand creams, hair products, lip gloss, night creams, anti-wrinkle creams, sun protection, tanning products and of course, chocolate! Auroma’s Cocoa Butter […]


Wheatgerm is a warming and soothing oil, it is also highly nourishing to the skin.  This makes it particularly useful for dull or extremely dry skin. Wheatgerm has naturally high levels of Vitamin E and is an excellent anti-oxidant. These two properties give it the reputation of being an excellent oil for the skin, beneficial […]


Myrtle oil is becoming more and more popular as people discover the vast number of applications with adults and children. It has a gentle pleasing aroma, with an uplifting and cleansing nature. Myrtle works very well on the respiratory system, and can be chosen as a replacement to Eucalyptus for blends used in the evening, […]


In skin care and cosmetic applications Macadamia Nut Oil has been relatively unexploited. It is an excellent selection for delicate skin, mature skin or where deep nourishment is desired. Mature skin loves Macadamia Nut Oil as it penetrates quckly and deeply. However, while it does penetrate quickly, it leaves a film on the skin suitable […]


Jasmine Absolute has a delightfully sweet powerful aroma reminiscent of the freshly picked flowers. Jasmine Absolute is known by the botanical names Jasminum grandiflorum and J. officinale with the traditional sweet full bodied floral Jasmine aroma. There are other varieties of Jasmine such as J. sambac which has a lighter fragrance with a green floral […]

Rose Bath Treat

A full body bath is not always environmentally friendly, especially with summer water restrictions. So, once a week give your feet a treat with a foot bath that will leave them feeling soothed, smoothed and super! Add 20 drops of Rose in Jojoba to 2 tablespoons of Dead Sea Mud. Blend well then add a […]