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Essential Oil Solubiliser

As the saying goes, oil and water do not mix. No matter how well you shake, stir or blend a water-based preparation, you will find the oils will “fall-out” or separate from the base. Auroma’s Essential Oil Solubiliser can be used to help carry oils into a water-based product. Naturally derived from Almond and Coconut […]

Beat the Clock Facial Oil

Rose Hip oil is an excellent inclusion in any facial preparation for the wonderful effect it has on the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and minor blemishes. This facial oil is an excellent base to use for your essential oils – highly enriched with naturally occurring essential fatty acids. 40mL Rose Hip Oil 15mL Borage […]

Delightful Shower Treatment

( Recipes )

Combine your favourite essential oils with Grape Seed oil, and massage onto your skin before you step into the shower, to leave your skin feeling wonderful from top to toe! 15mL Grape Seed Oil 7 drops of your favourite essential oil blend For example: 3 drops Lime Distilled Essential Oil 2 drops Rosemary Tunisian Essential […]

Summer Revival Recipes

Refreshing Body Mist On hot nights this cooling mist can be sprayed on the skin to give a cooling and refreshing effect. 250mL Cucumber Water 3mL Essential Oil Solubiliser 10 drops Peppermint Mitcham Essential Oil 10 drops Lavender French Alpine Essential Oil Blend the essential oils with the solubiliser, and then add the cucumber water. […]

Cooling Facial Spritzer

Cooling Facial Spritzer The heat is on the way, so carry this fabulous spritzer with you for an instant cool down! Make up a batch and hand them out at work or to your friends to share the experience. In a beaker place 10 drops Spearmint essential oil, 10 drops Mandarin essential oil, 5 drops […]

Bergamot – More than Just a Flavour

The traditional use of Bergamot oil is as a flavour – Earl Grey Tea is one common product that Bergamot oil is used to enhance. The fruit itself is inedible so the growers in Calabria and Italy farm Citrus aurantium bergamia solely to produce oil. Bergamot has a light, refreshing aroma, and blends well with […]