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Candle and Soap Soluble Fragrances

When making your own soaps and candles it is important to use fragrances that are specially designed to blend well in that medium. Standard fragrance oils are often not suitable for candles and soaps as they will either discolour the recipe or ‘fall’ out of the mixture, creating an uneven odour. This range of fragrances […]

Fruity Soap Balls

Make two batches of soap, one to refresh and one to relax. 1kg Ecol Soap Powder 250mL Cucumber Water 250mL Watermelon Water 15mL Calendula Infused Oil 10mL Lime Distilled Essential Oil 10mL Grapefruit Essential Oil Batch 1 Weigh 500gm of Ecol Soap Powder in a bowl. Slowly pour in 250mL of warmed Cucumber Floral Water, […]

Super Nail Oil

Massage a drop of this super nail oil into the nail bed and cuticles for healthy nails. For the best results, use each evening before retiring. 15mL Hemp Seed Oil 2 drops Patchouli Essential Oil 2 drops Lemon Essential Oil 2 drops Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil 1 drop Sandalwood East Indian Essential Oil Combine […]

Spiritual Journey Burner Blend

( Recipes )

Rosewood is a joy to include in any meditation type blend, the fresh aroma lifts and surrounds you combined with traditional favourites to help you on your spiritual journey. 3mL Rosewood Essential Oil 2mL Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil 2mL Mandarin Australian Essential Oil 1mL Patchouli Aceh Essential Oil Blend oils together into a 10mL glass […]

Rose Hip (Rosa eglanteria/Rosa Canina/Rosa rubiginosa)

Rose Hip Oil is a pure, natural plant oil gently extracted from the seed of the rose hip. Rose Hip Oil is obtained from the wild rose, Rose Mosqueta, which thrives in the cool, rainy and unpolluted Andes Mountains, Chile. The common name of Rose Mosqueta is actually the name used to cover the three […]

Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora)

Rosewood is an essential oil that has caused concern in the methods of growth and manufacture, and quite rightly as well. It is a native, medium sized, lush tree naturally occurring in the Brazilian rainforests. However, rather than destroying the rainforests, Auroma have always sourced our Rosewood oil from environmentally sustainable growers. The trees are […]