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Auroma offer a wide variety of Lavender oils, to suit a variety of applications. Below you will find a summary of the different oils offered, and the applications they best suit. LAVENDER FRENCH POPULATIONLavender oil Population, this is also known as Lavender oil fine or true Lavender. This is grown at high altitude on land purposely […]

Lime Essential Oil

There are two species of Lime oil commercially available Citrus aurantifolia and Citrus latifolia. Citrus aurantifolia is commonly known as the Key, Mexican or Tahitian oil, the fruit is small with many seeds, while Citrus latifolia is the Persian or Tahitian Lime has large, seedless fruit. Auroma offers Citrus aurantifolia, originating from different countries including […]

Mango Kernel Butter

Mango Kernel butter has been obtained from the fruit seed of the Mango Tree, Mangifera indica, grown in the sub-tropics.  From its seed a firm “butter” is produced suitable for use in all types of body products.  It is similar in texture to Shea butter and much softer than Cocoa butter, blending beautifully with both.  […]

Cleansing Facial Steam

( Recipes )

Cleanses your skin and soothes the senses. ingredients: 15ml Solubiliser 5 drops Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil 4 drops Cypress Leaf Provence Essential Oil 8 drops Lavender French Population Essential Oil 3 drops Patchouli Aceh Essential Oilmethod: Combine the solubiliser and Essential Oils in a 15ml Amber or Cobalt Bottle.Fill a large bowl with hot (not […]

Release The Congestion Balm

( Recipes )

This balm helps to relieve the congestion associated with coughs and colds. ingredients: 25gm Auroma Balm Base 4 drops Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil 3 drops Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Essential Oil 3 drops Cardamom Essential Oilmethod: In a beaker or jug, melt the balm base over a pan of water or bain marie. Add the essential […]

Lemon Essential Oil

( Recipes )

Auroma offers a wide variety of Lemon Oils all from Citrus limon (aka C. limonum) – there is sure to be one to suit your application! Cold Pressed – this oil is cold pressed from the fruit rind. The oil has the typical light, fresh citrus odour reminiscent of lemon peel. This oil is phototoxic, […]