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Auroma Essential Oils

Why Auroma Essential Oils?

The quality of your aromatherapy experience is only as good as the quality of your essential oils. Because the aromatherapy market is unregulated in the United States, many companies who claim to sell “pure” essential oils are actually adulterating their oils by adding chemicals or mixing several varieties of oils together to save money. At The Aromatherapy Place, you can rest-assured that our oils are rigorously tested for their purity and authenticity. In fact, we are the only U.S. supplier of essential oils that are certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (Australia’s regulatory agency for medical products).

Direct from the Source

One of the most important issues when using essential oils for therapeutic benefit is the quality of the oil. Quality of an oil can only be guaranteed by two methods:

1) Knowing your supplier
2) Physically testing the quality of the oil yourself.

….Auroma does both

Auroma can absolutely guarantee the quality of supply because we have long-standing direct relationships with international growers and suppliers. We have a policy of purchasing from reputable growers only, and will never compromise on the quality of the oils we sell.

Within the industry it is common practice for local growers to sell their oils to an international trader, who then on-sell the product to retailers. Once the oil is sold to a trader, there is no longer any guarantee as to the quality of the oil - the trader has the opportunity and commercial right to adulterate the oil to make a bigger profit. This means that many companies who purchase in this manner are unable to guarantee the quality of their oil, as they have no control over what happens in between the grower and purchasing it themselves.

Auroma buys DIRECTLY FROM THE INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIER. Therefore we are assured of the quality of our oils.

We also maintain strict guidelines to ensure that wherever possible all plants used for essential oil distillation are grown wild, in unpolluted areas, or are organically grown, and that the length of time between harvesting and the distillation process is kept to an absolute minimum.

Guaranteed Botanical Species

Lavender essential oil Another advantage in having direct relationships with suppliers is that Auroma can guarantee the botanical species origin for each essential oil. Testing and analysis physically support these relationships.

Essential oils originate from plant material, which in turn comes from a botanical species. For example, the most common Lavender type comes from Lavandula angustifolia . There is also a cheaper version called Lavandin, which comes from Lavandula X intermedia .

Some companies combine both these botanical species, to create a cheaper version of Lavender. Technically speaking the end product is Lavender, but it is of an inferior quality compared to an oil that has been produced solely from one botanical source. Auroma always state the botanical species on the label, and guarantee botanical species - so quality and origin is always assured.

Purpose Built Laboratory

Auroma essential oil lab

Part of our commitment to quality includes the provision of a purpose built on-site laboratory, staffed by industry experts.

Auroma are the only company in Australia with the technology and ability to analyse and validate each essential oil on the premises. We are able to do this by conducting Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) testing and analysis as well as a number of vitally important subjective tests.

The Auroma laboratory is staffed by a team of experts including two Ph.D Chemists, a Chemical Engineer, a Cosmetic Applications Chemist, trained Perfumer and three accredited Aromatherapists.

Each essential oil sold through Auroma is put through a number of tests in the laboratory. The GC/MS trace identifies any unwanted adulteration and impurities within the oils. Our trained Perfumer then performs tests on the odour, viscosity, colour and properties of the oil, to ensure they are consistent with industry standards.

With a dedicated laboratory, and expert staff, Auroma have the best facilities available to provide the highest quality essential oils.

State of the Art Technology and Testing

Essential Oil Technology and TestingAuroma Head Office has on-site a full laboratory where all essential oils undergo rigorous testing and analysis. We are one of the ONLY companies in Australia to Guarantee quality via our In House Testing, the best in the world.

This is done using the latest in Quality Assurance with Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) equipment to accurately analyse each batch of essential oils we receive. We do this even with growers we have dealt with for over 15 years. Every batch, every time.

Over more than ten years of testing we have developed high standards and testing criteria. Every oil we supply has at least 100 prior tests. On some oils (e.g. Lavender) we have in excess of 1,000 tests.

GC/MS readings are a widely accepted method of testing for adulterants in essential oils. The Auroma advantage lies in our ability to not only perform the tests, but also in having the in-house expertise to correctly analyse and identify components found within essential oils. Our team of expert staff have an extensive knowledge of essential oils and how to interpret trace elements. This is critical, as without an accurate analysis, the GC/MS trace is simply a graph without meaning.

TGA-Certified Facilities

TGA-Certified FacilitiesA sterile environment, strict Quality Control procedures and Good Manufacturing Process certification contribute to our efficient production practices.

The Auroma Quality System enables us to offer consistent products to a defined standard. Auroma have a commitment to quality that can be measured by our “Accredited Certification” in Good Manufacturing Process (GMP). This means we have introduced an objective ‘third party' to ensure the highest quality standards are being enforced.

Auroma are also listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) who ensures that our manufacturing processes meet stringent standards. One of these standards is the provision of a sterile filling room for the bottling of essential oils.

With two sterile TGA rooms on-site, Auroma are able to run an efficient production process, under constant surveillance. Each clean room has a positive airflow, providing a sterile environment, eliminating unwanted micro-organisms that could affect the quality of essential oils.

Auroma also have stringent Quality Control (QC) procedures in place. Prior to beginning the fill process, the odour and clarity of each batch of essential oil is checked. Procedures are also in place ensuring that the correct bottles and labels are used for each batch run.

Once the run is completed fill levels and volume are checked, to ensure complete accuracy in compliance with TGA requirements.

Extensive Warehousing and Storage

Essential Oil Warehousing and StorageSize does matter!

Auroma has modern and extensive warehousing and storage facilities, with over 2,500m 2 under one roof. This storage extends to include temperature-controlled hazardous goods storage, ensuring that all flammable products are stored safely in compliance with the Dangerous Goods Act and Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

Auroma are committed to stocking a full range of products, which extends to include everything from raw materials and essential oils to finished products. Having such a large storage facility allows us to maintain healthy stock levels, with room for expansion if required.

Auroma are able to manage inventory through a sophisticated computer system, which constantly monitors stock levels to ensure that key product lines are always on the shelves. This system has been specially designed to meet the unique needs of the Auroma product range, allowing us to maintain a strict first in, first out policy.

We also have in place systems to enable batch traceability. This means that we can easily trace batch numbers, and maintain close control over locations of stock within the warehouse.

Each of these systems contributes to the unique product and service offerings Auroma are proud to provide!

One Man's Vision

How Auroma grew from the kitchen table to an international supplier of quality essential oils, fragrance oils, vegetable oils and base products.

Auroma is the dream of John Fergeus, a man with an amazing passion for the power of essential oils. Essential oils have played an integral part in John's life since the mid-1970's.

The original business started at home, with John mixing and blending oils and bases himself. With a longstanding interest in the raw materials and extraction of oils from plants, John decided to apply his entrepreneurial skills at the beginning of the 1980's to create a market for the finished product - the Auroma shops.

At this time, people were buying synthetic fragrances, and Aromatherapy had not yet become an industry. Auroma focused on essential oils and was one of the pioneering companies involved in developing the Aromatherapy industry to where it is today.

The very first Auroma store opened at Jafa House in Prahran in 1987. In 1988 the decision was made to open a larger store in Hawthorn, Melbourne with the ability to display the entire product range. This store remains today, although moved to a better position on the same street in 1993.

With only one store, we found that many customers were knocking on the factory door out in Hallam to buy products. This prompted the opening of the Hallam store, which has proved a huge success with local customers.

In 1998 the opportunity arose to expand into South Australia, and the Glenelg store opened. We now operate these three stores successfully and there are plans in place to provide the ‘Auroma experience' to customers in other States around Australia.

In the meantime, customers order our products via phone, fax and mail-order or more recently shop online via the Auroma website.

As the stores have progressed, so too has the Auroma product range. Auroma is a reflection of the times as well as a leader. Since it's inception, Auroma has maintained its core range of essential oils, which is continually expanding as new oils are introduced and the supply of others drops off. In fact, Auroma has one of the most extensive ranges of quality essential oils in the industry.

Complementary products in the range have included botanicals, back when pot pourri was all the rage, fragrance oils and more recently, an increased focus on base products for customers to create their own natural hair and skin care products.

The strength of Auroma has been its consistent pure and natural stance, and the insistence upon providing the highest quality products possible. As Auroma grows, we will continue to maintain our integrity and loyalty to the customers who have made us what we are today.