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Beeswax Leatherwood
Beeswax Leatherwood
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100g (3.53oz)
1kg (2.2lbs)
Beeswax Leatherwood

Used to both thicken and emulsify products, beeswax leatherwood is the unbleached form of beeswax. It is compatible with most other waxes, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and plant glycerides. Made from Leatherwood Honey, it carries its sweet aromatic fragrance.

Safety information for Beeswax Leatherwood

Please visit our General Essential Oil Safety Information page for important safety guidelines on using essential oils.

Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

Aromatherapy Recipes containing Beeswax Leatherwood

Beeswax Antiseptic Balm

An everyday antiseptic balm that will ease cuts and bumps.

  Ingredient Amount Unit
  Beeswax Leatherwood 2 oz
  Almond Oil Sweet Pure 3 oz
  Wheatgerm Oil Virgin 20 drops
  Myrrh Essential Oil 20 drops
  Tea Tree Essential Oil 20 drops

Heat vegetable oils in a saucepan and add the beeswax. If you want a thinner balm add less beeswax, for a thicker balm add more beeswax. Take off heat after beeswax melts and add essential oils. Pour warm balm into a container. Enjoy!!

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