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Palm Wax Red Beads
Palm Wax Red Beads
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500g (17.64oz)
Palm Wax Red Beads

Auroma Palm Wax Red Beads from The Aromatherapy Place are made from 100% palm wax. An environmentally option for the candle maker in us all. Palm Wax Candle Beads are best suited for Tea Lights, Votives and Inner Cores. Palm Wax Beads will help you to create a fabulous candle every time and are simple to use. All you need to do is weigh, melt and pour.

Gently melt the wax in a heat proof conainer. Add 1-5% candle soluble fragrance oil. Blend well. Pour into mould with wick already in position, and allow to slowly cool. Once set remove candle from the mold.

Suggested items for use with Palm Wax Red Beads
  • JapaneseDragon
  • SeaBreezeSolubleFragranceOil
  • AppleSolubleFragranceOil

Instructions for the use of Palm Wax Red Beads

Palm Wax Beads have a low melting point (pouring temperature 60-65C - 140-149 degrees fahrenheit) and a natural crystallization property - a pattern of "snowflakes stars" will appear in the dry wax when poured into aluminium moulds and cooled slowly. When using other metal, plastic or rubber moulds or if the wax is cooled too quickly this pattern does not occur as noticeably. Constant stirring to remove the air trap will also assist the crystallization.

They can also be placed into a heat-proof container in layers to create a different effect. Simply fill the container, leaving enough space at the top so the melted wax does not spill over. Place a wick in the middle of the container, and light the wick. Just be careful the container is not knocked over or you will have a lot of candle beads to pick up!

Palm Wax can be blended with paraffin wax (white wax) and/or beeswax.

The wax will set to be a very hard wax, with an attractive finish, and a clean burning flame.

Use the Colored Palm Wax Beads to color your candles. They contain natural coloring, and are available in the primary colors - red, blue and yellow. The colours can be used alone, blended together and used, or blend them with the white wax to create softer pastel colours.

Using colors other than the Palm Wax Beads may not work well. The color distribution may not be even. Test before using other colors.

Palm Wax can be fragranced with candle soluble fragrances and/or essential oils. Use 1-2% fragrance, i.e. approximately 1-2mL of fragrance/essential oil in 100g - 3 1/2 oz wax.

Most essential oils will dissolve quite well into the wax, however, they will evaporate, and the outer layers of the candle will loose its aroma - all the more reason to use them up quickly! We have made some lovely candles with Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils that have lasted well, and smell great.

Always make a trial of your essential oil candle, before going into mass production - just to check that the color is what you were expecting and the fragrance level is stable - different fragrances have different stability levels in different waxes!

Safety information for Palm Wax Red Beads

Please visit our General Essential Oil Safety Information page for important safety guidelines on using essential oils.

Specific Safety Information: Take care around children and the elderly. Even though the melting point is low, the wax is still very hot.