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Renewal Massage Oil

Renewal Massage Oil

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8 fl oz - Pkg'd in USA
Renewal Massage Oil

Ingredients: Renewal Massage Oil blends 100% pure therapeutic grade Rosemary, Mandarin, and Cedarwood essential oils in a base of Jojoba and Almond Sweet Pure, vegetable oils fortified with Vitamin E.

Renaissance Pre-Blended Massage Oil is an exquisite blend that inspires creativity and renews the spirit. Rosemary stimulates the mind and replenishes depleted energy stores, while the sweet citrus oil of Mandarin infuses the psyche with a life-giving warmth, setting the spirit free. Strengthening Cedarwood adds a warm, rich finish and encourages an enlightened outlook.

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Aromatherapy uses for Renewal Massage Oil

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Specific Uses: This formulation is most useful for those who feel bogged down by life, and yearn for the ability to let go of tension and to “stop and smell the roses.”

Safety information for Renewal Massage Oil

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