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Body Exfoliating Scrub
Body Exfoliating Scrub
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Body Exfoliating Scrub

Body Exfoliating Scrub from The Aromatherapy Place provides a 100% pure and natural, therapeutic solution to skin exfoliation by utilizing Mother Nature's finest natural ingredients. Use to remove lifeless cells on the feet, neck & body, resulting in satin-smooth skin. Mother Nature has always had the answer. All you have to do is listen!

Our Exfoliating Body Scrub is a dry powder which is used as natural base for creating your own natural exfoliating paste, used as a body scrub. No synthetic fragrances have been added. It contains no chemical additives. The Body Scrub contains ground Pine Wood Flour, Rose Petals, Lime Water and Lavender essential oil.

Aromatherapy uses for Body Exfoliating Scrub

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Specific Uses:

To use the Body Scrub , moisten one teaspoon with a few drops of distilled water, or Floral & Fruit Waters from The Aromatherapy Place. This creates a paste that can be applied in circular motions to any part of your body to leave it feeling clean and fresh. Rinse off after applying.

Safety information for Body Exfoliating Scrub

Please visit our General Essential Oil Safety Information page for important safety guidelines on using essential oils.

Specific Safety Information: For external use only. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

Aromatherapy Recipes containing Body Exfoliating Scrub

Set for Spring Cypress Body Scrub

An all natural body scrub from The Aromatherapy Place that will remove lifeless, dull cells to reveal satin, smooth skin.

  Ingredient Amount Unit
  Cypress Essential Oil Wild 5 Drops
  Lemongrass Essential Oil Cochin 5 Drops
  Cedarwood Essential Oil Atlas 5 Drops
  Grapefruit Essential Oil 10 Drops
  body exfoliating scrub 2 oz
  Fragrance and Additive Free Cleansing Lotion 3 Tbsp

Pour body scrub and cleansing lotion into an 2 fl oz Amber Cosmetic Jar add essential oils and stir vigorously.

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