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Dead Sea Mud
Dead Sea Mud
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Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mud from The Aromatherapy Place is brown, soft, smooth and rich in organic materials and natural minerals. It has a distinct scent, reminiscent of hot mud springs. The mud is collected by hand from areas where the water has naturally receded. It is left to dry in the sun and then packed.

Create a Dead Sea Facial Mask - Facial masks with Dead Sea Mud will improve the complexion, help remove blackheads, remove dead skin cells and help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aromatherapy uses for Dead Sea Mud

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Specific Uses: Create a Dead Sea Facial Mask: In a glass or stainless steel bowl measure 4 tablespoons of Dead Sea Mud and add enough water to make a smooth consistency. Cover your face for 2 minutes with a warm, moist cloth (to help open the pores), then apply the mask. Leave on your skin for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off, and follow with your choice of a floral water, facial oil and moisturizing lotion from The Aromatherapy Place.

Aromatherapy Recipes containing Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mud Mask

This amazing dead sea mud mask from The Aromatherapy Place will improve blood circulation and remove impurities and toxins.

  Ingredient Amount Unit
  Chamomile German Essential Oil 6 drops
  Lavender Essential Oil Organic 8 drops
  Peppermint Essential Oil Arvensis 2 drops
  Dead Sea Mud 2 tbsp
  Floral Water Chamomile German 1 tbsp

Blend mud, essential oils, and Chamomile floral water. Continue to add floral water until you a have a paste with a creamy consistency mixing completely and store in an amber cosmetic jar.

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